Drowsy Driving

Heed These Warning Signs from the National Sleep Foundation:

Feeling Sleepy? Stop Driving!

If you start to do the following, it’s time to get off the road. Find a safe place to pull over:

  • Have problems focusing, blink frequently and/or have heavy eyelids;
  • Drift from your lane, swerve, tailgate and/or hit rumble strips;
  • Have trouble remembering the last few miles driven;
  • Miss exits or traffic signs;
  • Have trouble keeping your head up;
  • Yawn repeatedly
  • Or finding yourself rolling down the windows or turning up the radio

Special At-Risk Groups for Drowsy Driving include:
                Young People
            Shift Workers
            Commercial Drivers
            Business Travelers
            Untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea



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