Sleep Medicine Consultation at Owensboro Advanced Sleep Center


Do I need a physician referral? 
While a physician referral is preferred, we also see self-referred patients. 

Can I get a sleep study without seeing the sleep specialist first?
A visit in the office with our sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Pope, is highly recommended prior to a sleep study in order to optimize the evaluation.  There are variations in the way the sleep study can be done depending on your particular sleep problems and other medical conditions. Also, not every sleep disorder requires an overnight sleep test.

What Occurs During the Consultation Visit?
The first step in the assessment of your sleep disorder is the consultation visit with our physician.  Please allocate about 45 minutes for this visit and bring the completed new patient questionnaire with you.  If you plan on filling out the new patient questionnaire at our office on the day of the visit, then plan on arriving at least 30 to 45 minutes early. 

Please let us know prior to you appointment if you’ve previously had a sleep study and that will give us time to obtain a copy of the reports.

Please bring a current list of your medications to every visit.

Our doctor will ask you many questions during the interview about your sleep and pertinent medical problems.  If possible, bring along your bed partner or someone who has observed you during sleep, since he/she may provide valuable information about your behavior during sleep.  After the focused history and physical examination, Dr. Pope will discuss the findings and make recommendations about additional testing and/or treatment.

If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us as soon as possible so that someone else may be scheduled.


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